Welcome to the Political Psychology of Political Violence Lab

Established in September 2015, and affiliated with the School of Political Science at the University of Haifa, the Political Psychology of Political Violence Lab and Field Lab is dedicated to the study of the impact of exposure to political violence and terrorism on political behavior.

Directed by Daphna Canetti, the PPPV lab draws on varied techniques including lab, field, natural, and survey experiments, as well as physiological responses to identify how political violence shapes political behavior. We are primarily concerned with whether and in what ways the psychological-political effects of exposure to political violence on civilians can be reduced or alleviated. 

Our research agenda is driven by the conviction that academic research has worth, and that our research has practical applications which can contribute to the realm of public policy.  To this end, we maintain an inter-disciplinary approach, with our undergraduate and graduate Associates drawn from multiple disciplines which include Political Science, Psychology and Sociology.
The PPPV Lab and its activities are supported by the NIMH, ISF, BSF, and Minerva. 
You can find us on the first floor of the Terrace Building, room 1010.  To enquire about employment or other opportunities, you are welcome to contact our Lab Manager, Shani Fachter


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