daphna canetti

I am an associate professor and director of the graduate program in Democracy Studies at the School of Political Science, University of Haifa, and an adjunct faculty at the Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy, and Strategy, The Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya.

My research focuses on the micro-foundations of political conflicts in the Middle East and elsewhere. I am particularly interested in the impact of individual-level exposure to terrorism and political violence on war/peace attitudes. I study psycho-political responses to multiple acts of political violence and terrorism. Methodologically, I use controlled randomized field experiments, spatial analysis, survey experiments, bio-political and physiological-political research.

I have received over $3 million in research grants to study people in conflict zones. Grantors include the Israel Science FoundationUnited States-Israel Binational Science FoundationYale's McMillan CenterYale's institution for Social and Policy Studies,  Israel Ministry of Science, Technology , and SpaceSTART project, and the National Institutes of Health .

I have served on editorial boards of Democracy and Security and Political Psychology. I was a Fulbright Fellow and a Visiting Fellow  at the Helen Kellogg Institute for International Studies, Notre Dame University, as well as a Rice Family Foundation Visiting Professor at the Council on Middle East Studies, the MacMillan Center and the Department of Political Science, Yale University.

My awards include the International Society of Political Psychology's Erik Erikson Early Career Award and Roberta Sigel Award, and the American Political Science Association's award for Best Paper.

I have written widely on the psychological reactions to war, violence and terrorism, and published in journals such as Journal of Political Science, Journal of Conflict Resolution, Political BehaviorPolitical PsychologyPsychiatry - Interpersonal and Biological ProcessesPolitical Studies, Political Research Quarterly, Armed Forces & Society, Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, Electoral Studies, Journal of Peace Research.

 When I'm not chasing missing cortisol samples across checkpoints in the West Bank and Gaza, I enjoy chillaxing with my family, riding wild horses, and SUP surfing.

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