Canetti-Nisim, Daphna. Mesch, Gustavo. Pedahzur, Ami (2006). "Victimization from Terrorist Attacks: Randomness or Routine Activities?" Terrorism and Political Violence 18 (4), 485-501.
This study tackles the as yet unaddressed question of the various types of factors related to victims of terrorism. We have explored core assumptions of terrorism and victimization theories by empirically testing both the randomness and the lifestyle- exposure theories. Specifically, we looked at how characteristics of victims of suicide bombings differ from the characteristics of those who have been casualties of other types of terrorism. Findings obtained via logistic regressions clearly refute the randomness hypothesis that the risk of victimization from terrorism is similar across all segments of society. Furthermore, findings indicate that victimization from suicide vis-a` -vis other types of terrorism is related to the basics of lifestyleexposure theories.
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