Canetti-Nisim, Daphna. Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi. (2007). "The Role of Authoritarianism, Religious, and "New Age" Beliefs in Support for Democracy: Unraveling the Strands." Review of Religious Research. 48 (4): 369-384. 
We  examined  the associations  between  religious  beliefs,  "New Age  " beliefs,  author itarianism,  and  endorsement  of democratic  values  among  Jewish  respondents  in Israel.   Findings obtained via structural equation modeling show that: a)  religious individu als  are  generally  drawn  to  "New Age"  beliefs,  b) while  authoritarians  are  likely  to espouse  undemocratic  attitudes  whether  they are  religious  or  not,  religious  people are  unlikely  to hold  undemocratic  attitudes  unless  they also  espouse  authoritarian worldviews,  and  c)  "New Age  " beliefs  may  slightly  reduce  authoritarian  tendencies, thus increasing supportfor democracy. Thesefindings clarify the relationship between "New Age"  beliefs  and  traditional  religiosity,  and  the  effects  of  "New Age"  beliefs on support for democracy.
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