Palmieri, P.A., Chipman, K.J., Canetti, Daphna, Johnson, R.J., & Hobfoll, S.E (2010).  Prevalence and correlates of sleep problems in adult Israeli Jews exposed to actual or threatened terrorist or rocket attacks. Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine 6(6), 557-564.
Current Know ledge/Study Rationale: Sleep problems are prevalent and costly in the general population and are prominent aspects of psychiatric disorders such as posttraumatic stress disorder. Despite this, research that thoroughly assesses sleep problems and examines their prevalence and correlates in traumatized populations is scant, and none have focused on civilians living under chronic war/terrorism trauma or threat thereof.
Study Impact: This study reveals the extent of sleep problems in civilians living under persistent attack or threat of attacks, and identifies several correlates of these problems, including psychosocial resource loss, a strong and potentially modifiable risk factor that heretofore has not received attention in the sleep literature. Interventions that bolster psychosocial resources thus may be particularly useful in preventing or alleviating sleep problems and related psychopathology in this population.
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