Weder, Natalie; Garcia-Nieto, Rebeca, Canetti, Daphna (2010). Peace, Reconciliation and Tolerance in the Middle East: The Impact of People-to-People Peace Building Initiatives among Israeli Jews and Palestinians who lost a first -degree family member due to the conflict-A pilot study." International Journal of Mental Health 39 (4) 59-81
The ongoing Israeli–Palestinian conflict has taken its toll on both sides. Prominent among peace building initiatives is the Parents Circle–Families Forum, a cross-community peace building project of bereaved families. We examine the grieving process and emotional well-being of a sample of 21 Israeli Jews and Palestinians living in the West Bank, who have lost their loved ones in the context of ongoing war and armed conflict. We also investigate whether the positive attitudes and emotions toward the opposing groups can serve as protective factors associated with prolonged grief disorder (PGD).
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