Perliger, Arie. Canetti-Nisim, Daphna. Pedahzur, Ami (2006). "Democratic Attitudes among High-School Pupils: The Role Played by Perceptions of Class Climate" School Effectiveness and School Improvement 17 (1), 119-140 (Equal contribution).
The present study shed light on the continuing debate among students of political socialisation regarding the effects of civic education on the upholding of democratic attitudes. Our major conclusion is that civic education, in and of itself, has only minor effects on democratic attitudes of pupils. Furthermore, among pupils who attended civic education classes, democratic class climate would have a crucial effect on the internalisation of democratic attitudes, and the association between sociodemographic characteristics and democratic attitudes is partially mediated by perception of democratic class climate. The findings offer a model which involves demographics and class climate for predicting the success of civic education in meeting its main goal—theabsorption and internalisation of democratic attitudes. Thus, we hope to take the ongoing debate inthe field at least one small step forward.
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