Bio-Study (2007 - 2010)

2007 – 2010 ( دراسة –بيو)
2007-2010 (Био-Исследование)

Participants were recruited from subject pools who had participated in previous large N studies with our research group in Israel between the years 2007-2010. Two potential groups were identified, those in exposed regions who were also personally exposed to trauma, and those in a nearby non-exposed region who were not personally exposed to trauma. From these two groups an equal number of individuals were randomly selected and contacted to ensure if they were indeed chronically and personally exposed to trauma or not. Participants were interviewed in their homes and blood spot samples were collected on filter paper using a standard procedure.

Sample Article:
كانيتي، دافنا. روس، ايريك. لوبورسكي جوديث. هوبفول، أي. ستيفان. جيرهات، جيمس. (2014) تحريض من اللهب؟ تأثير الارهاب والحرب على الحصانة. مجلة الصدمة النفسية.
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