2001 (IL) - Panel Study

2001 (ال) دراسة في خطوة واحدة
2001 (Изр) Одноэтапное исследование
A nation-wide sample of Jews and Palestinian Israelis: Both samples were gathered by phone interviews (N > 1,000) over a two-week period in October 2001. Participants were randomly selected from a computerized telephone directory. The interviews were carried out in Hebrew, Arabic and Russian. There were approximately 910 respondents after those who were neither Muslim nor Jewish were excluded. The final sample thus included only Jewish and Muslim Palestinian Israelis, living within the ‘Green Line’ or in the West Bank and Gaza settlements.
Sample Article:
زايدزي، عيران. كانيتي - نيسيم دافنا. بيداهوزر عامي (2007). " سياسة الربّ أم سياسة الإنسان؟ وظيفة الدين والتمييز في التنبؤ بدعم العنف السياسي في اسرائيل". دراسات سياسية 55 (3): 499 – 521
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